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Biden Administration Put on Watchlist: FBI Director's Kid Turns Homosexual -- Last Straw Says Director

Biden Administration Put on Watchlist: FBI Director's Kid Turns Homosexual -- Last Straw Says Director
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, US News
There's some things you just can't predict about the current political environment. Everything about the Radical Left is insane, I've heard that said more than once.

As a new satire writer in recent weeks sometimes I feel like I'm writing for that Stephen King comic book series, Creepshow, which a few of you may remember as a set of comical horror movies from the 80s and 90s.

What happened last week in Washington DC -- was bound to happen. In fact it's probably been happening now for quite some time in liberal cities across the nation. It's kind of like when drug cartels turn on each other. It just takes a spark, maybe like a Romeo and Juliet moment that turns two families against each other and war starts.

In this case it's a Romeo meets Romeo moment.

Small world -- turns out that that's the FBI Director's son's name: Romeo.

A lot of Democrats and those in government are ok with LGBTQ -- as long as it's someone else's kid.

Case in point: The Director of the FBI just issued a nationwide alert putting the Biden Administration and those "super gay liberal bastards in California under Gavin Newsom" on a watchlist -- says this has gone too far.

"Their propaganda has taken a new turn, " the Director stated. "This isn't about getting acceptance for those who identify as gay or trans -- this is about paving the way for entire regions of the country to have their youth empathetic to that gay / trans cause and then converted to becoming gay and or trans or both. Those bastards want converts. They've even infiltrated the White House. The President and First Lady are giving speeches on the White House lawn. This is a massive cult we're dealing with. It's out of control."

That of course received agreement from Christian churches, writers, and influencers across the nation and even overseas. The internet is now a firestorm of Christian posts, and tweets, many followed by hater trolls that want nothing to do with God and are very outspoken about it.

"God is calling our nation to repent and turn from this sin," an outspoken Christian media personality has stated. "Our nation is suffering the consequences of allowing this evil and now our children are experiencing these consequences."

How exactly did the Director of the FBI become so agitated and put the Biden Administration on a watchlist when this is so common nowadays?

We did some investigating and it turns out that the Director had a nervous breakdown recently and "unleashed his full fury" in a meeting with key staff after having his future West Point bound 15 year old son come home from school and tell the Director and his wife how he had really clicked with this new boy at school, held hands during lunch, and they're now an official couple.

"Dad, he also plays Lacrosse, we have a lot in common. Can we have a sleep-over this weekend? Oh and can you buy me some condoms? I've heard about that Monkey Pox, dad, I'd hate to catch it. If you're too busy I can ask the school nurse. They give out condoms at school. They want all of us to have safe sex. They also recommend a good lubricant --"

That's when the ***t hit the fan at the Director's home and that bulletin was later issued putting the Biden Administration on a watchlist.

The Director is now pushing for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security to become involved.

What will happen is anyone's guess -- but the fact that 15% or more of all government offices including positions of leadership are LGBTQ appointees from the Biden Administration, there's likely to be major push-back.

Now parents are speaking out, many sharing similar stories about being heart-broken and even horrified when their young children unexpectedly identified as gay one day.

Apparently gay seems to be ok as long as it's "somebody else's kid." As soon as it hits close to home all bets are off.

I wonder how these parents are coping and if they are going to keep voting Democrat -- meaning, Radical Left Democrat?

Maybe it's time to stop voting the way their parents and grandparents always voted. The Democratic party has radicalized and embraced evil -- even to the point of calling evil "good".

What destroys families, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters -- is good politics for the Radical Left Democrats. They can't see it from any other lense.

Conservative is a lot more than just a political party. It values traditional families, morals and for millions of Christians includes having a relationship with God through Jesus and turning from sin through repentance. Of course not all Conservatives are Christian or living Christian lives.

But maybe that will change now that the nation is looking in the mirror so to speak and what's looking back at us looks like a monstrosity. More than 25% of Generation Z identifies as gay or trans. If current indoctrination continues, a graph of projections is going to show that number shooting upwards every year. What does the nation look like then?

It's starting to look like we are living in Planet of the Apes.

Except these apes are bending each other over and then filming it in a Senate hearing room.

These apes are putting on lipstick and high heels, taking sex-change transvestite pills and going under a knife, and then taking offices in government.

America, meet your future leaders if the Radical Left Democrats stay in power.

If George Washington and our founding fathers showed up today, this is exactly what they would see and experience.

Democrats, are you proud of your country?

If you're possibly following the television series, Chosen, maybe this is the time in your life to finally sit down in real prayer and seek out God.

Many times Jesus said "wake up" when warning 2,000 years ago about end days events that would one day come to all nations.

Wake up.

Not, get woke.

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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad
Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

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