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Celebrating Biden's Victory - A Look Back at this Disastrous Day for America's Security on November 7, 2020

Celebrating Biden's Victory - A Look Back at this Disastrous Day for America's Security on November 7, 2020
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, U.S. News

The speech heard 'round the democratic world. Just how far is the Biden Administration ready to go to help secure future democrat victories? Welcome to The Far Side of the Biden Administration.

Questions to ask before you read the satirical article further down:

1. Why did the Biden administration allow the chain of events that resulted in millions of illegal aliens flooding over U.S. borders with many simply "disappearing" into our population? Following the November 7, 2020 Presidential victory, the Biden Administration likely believed at that time that not enforcing border security (or what someone with half a brain might call Open Borders) would help create a growing population of future Democrat voters. That's because illegals (who cannot register to vote) give birth to children in the US and these children now grow up as US citizens and at the age of 18, they become eligible to vote. More importantly -- Not enforcing border security wins major points with the existing Latino population nationwide -- over sixty million citizens identify as Latino or Mexican.

2. Democrats most likely also realize that as more and more children are reached with LGBTQ educational materials that explain gay choice, gender choice, and trans choice that this creates a growing and much, much larger population of future Democrat voters. Could that be one reason why top personnel in the Democrat party could be so welcoming to these far left ideals that jeopardize the hearts and minds of children across our country? Democrats, especially those on the far left, reject many principles of the Republican party -- to the point that they recklessly disregard the dangers of pushing LGBTQ on the general population and our nation's young children. The LGBTQ way of life destroys families and even puts the U.S. military in danger of not having enough mentally or physically capable young men to protect our nation during a time of war.

Current recruitment is at very low numbers, as reported by various news sources, and even when they do become recruits a growing number fail to retain long term with a number of enlistees simply leaving the military altogether several weeks after joining. As the LGBTQ movement spreads, recruitment and retainment numbers are likely to continue to drop to even more historic lows.

That's a primary reason why banning China's Tik Tok is in America's best interest -- immediately -- before more and more people become LGBTQ as fueled by Tik Tok.

China, of course, doesn't want that. LGBTQ is good for America, from China's perspective.

Celebrating Biden's Victory - A Look Back at this Disastrous Day for America's Security on November 7, 2020
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, U.S. News

President Biden stands up, has a beaming smile before all of his campaign staff.

"We've come a long way, but as my advisors have told me the challenges will continue to come from the Republicans and Conservatives and it's in our best interest to spend the next four years watching out and recruiting Democrats and Progressives into as many offices in government as possible."

One of the President's advisors whispers to a staff member, and then stands up and walks up to Biden with a manila folder. The President thanks him and opens the folder, pulling out a stack of papers.

"I'd like you all to read this and review it over the next few minutes. It's a multiple choice quiz we're hoping that makes its way to Quantico and other agencies recruiting offices and used as a tool to help ensure we're strong as a party when it's 2024. Simply put, we need Progressives in our government, in every area of government if it's possible."

As papers make their way around the large room, eyes start reading:

Are you a:

a.) Democrat

b.) Republican

c.) Undecided

As eyes read the first question, Biden says aloud with a chuckle, "That one's gonna weed out many of them right from the start."
Religious people are:

a.) Whack Jobs

b.) Some are Whack Jobs

c.) Totally confused - There is no God, stop wasting your time

"I believe in God," says Biden, "But I'm not religious about it and I don't try to shove it down the nation's throat. So 'Whack Jobs' would be the right answer there. But we'll also give some credit to option C, atheists are more than welcome in our ranks. Let's sign 'em up."
At a Gay Pride parade in San Francisco, would you:

a.) Look away when the homesexual nudes march by.

b.) Shout, "Well done brave soldiers of progress. Your nation is proud!"

"America is the land of the free," says Biden. "We need to stand by that, even if the Conservatives don't agree. So, in this case it's option B."
If Jesus, from the Bible, showed up one day, would you:

a.) Shout, "CRUCIFY HIM!"

b.) Wow, it's really Jesus you realize. Suddenly believe and ask for faith and forgiveness.

"Option B," Biden says, "That's way too religious. I guess we're option A when it comes down to it. If that's what it takes to bring progress to our nation, then..." His voice trails off.

A voice from the far back room says loudly, "They're calling you Satan's Manchurian Candidate because you won't speak out in favor for the movie the Sound of Freedom everyone's talking about. Do we have a reply to that one yet?"

Biden says with a smile, "They said that about Obama as well. If there's a Satan I doubt Satan would have two Manchurian Candidates -- he's probably not smart enough for that. NO COMMENT… Let's look at question 5."

The rainbow is:

a.) How science proves that Gay Pride parades are the way to reach children and promote tolerance and even recruitment. We must open their eyes.

b.) Symbolic children's story from the Bible - God promises never to flood the entire world again as judgment for wickedness. Instead the end of the world is reserved for fire.

"Noah's Ark, c'mon," says Biden to the room. "There's no way Noah could build a ship that big and then go out and corral that many animals. That kind of nonsense isn't gonna get us any votes. No, that rainbow belongs to LGBTQ and our friends at Gay Pride. We'll light up the White House every year as a tribute." He laughs and adds, "They're loyal voters and we never have to worry about them voting Republican on us."
The Republican party is:

a) All Qnon believers and white nationalists

b.) Like any large group of people, it has a few bad apples that give it a bad rep.

Biden's voice pipes out across the room, "Qnon and white nationalists, that's what they are all the way. So obviously option A for question number six." He pauses, looking at a sheet of paper in his hands and then around the room. He says, "Careful there with question seven, the next one on the list here. That one got me. It's kind of a trick question, but don't worry there's really not a wrong answer to that I was told. One of those answers puts somebody in the elite units and the other answer puts them in a field office."
The Conservative right wing movie the Sound of Freedom is:

a) Qnon nonsense on steroids.

b) Reveals that "minor attracted persons" are an unfairly persecuted group -- let's set 'em free. Pedophiles need love too.

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The Far Side of the Biden Administration
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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad
Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

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