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Donald Trump's New Campaign Slogan: 'Evil Joe' and the LGBTQ Radical Left -- Make America Repent

Donald Trump's New Campaign Slogan: 'Evil Joe' and the LGBTQ Radical Left -- Make America Repent
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, U.S. News
DONALD: "Isn't it horrifying the things our children are being exposed to? It should truly make us tremble when Joe Biden is giving speeches on the White House lawn embracing LGBTQ and Gay Pride lifestyles and encouraging it on our children.

Evil... Joe... Biden.

Only recently did I read the transcript of the speech President Biden gave on June 10, 2023 and how I wish I had been paying better attention during those Gay Pride celebrations at the White House that month. But like a lot of you I didn't want anything to do with any of that.

I didn't read the transcript until recently.

Evil Joe said some pretty horrifying things that day. The First Lady, well she had even more things to say. We should be horrified. The President. The First Lady. It's like watching a scary puppet show.

Who's the puppet master pulling these strings?

Back in 2020 when we were campaigning, I was calling Joe Biden "Sleepy Joe".

He was always falling asleep.

Well Sleepy Joe has pulled a fast-one on us and has gone above and beyond in embracing Gay Pride and everything that it stands for with the horrifying LGBTQ movement that is now in many areas of our government and in the White House.

Do we really want our children growing up under that kind of leadership? They are doing everything they can to infiltrate more and more offices and positions in every level of our government.

Listen, if you're gay or trans -- keep it to yourself. Don't push it on our children. When the U.S. Military had a don't ask, don't tell policy well that was also the policy at a lot of places and probably most places of employment.

Our military was strong. That worked extremely well. We need to go back to that.

Don't ask, don't tell.

Don't push it on our children.

There are untold millions of Conservatives and even millions of people that at one time may have voted Democrat but no longer -- they are horrified by this. This isn't what we value. This isn't what our religion or faith teaches us. Yet here we are under Evil Joe and his extreme radical agenda to corrupt America's children.

Look at all the chaos going on in California with this. Conservative parents have to fight over and over again to try to get horrible books out of California schools. LGBTQ, they even want to pull Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and replace it with their own twisted version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Tom Sawyer falls in love with Huckleberry Finn: Jungle Fever on the Mississippi River.

I'm not sure I want to read that version.

Trust me, you guys don't want me reading out loud any content of this book. It's not for kids -- but they want every child to have it.

No wonder parents want it banned from schools.

James and the Giant Peach. Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.

We can't let LGBTQ re-write these books just so they can educate young readers with alternative lifestyle choices.

They've got another book now -- Gay is the Way. It's a pop-up book.

Really, Gay is the Way? You want to give that to five year olds?

This is sick. This is horrifying.

It gets worse.

Drag Queen Story Hour. Transvestites reading books to small children at public libraries.

Parents are having to stage protests, everything they can do to try to keep drag queens and transgender influencers from corrupting their children and going into schools.

Well, why not just go to private school to get away from it? Private schools often have long waiting lists and the average American parents can't afford that. Most parents can't afford it. So parents are forced to send their children off to public schools funded by their tax dollars, public schools corrupted by the radical left and Evil Joe's agenda to push and promote LGBTQ on our once great nation.

Why are they doing that? Why are they pushing LGBTQ at so many levels?

They want votes. That's all this is about. They know that if they can radicalize our nation with this LGBTQ doctrine that they are creating large numbers of future Democrat voters that will never vote Republican.

This is all about votes and trying to keep the Democrats in power.

This isn't about what's right for our nation or what's right for our children. They don't care what's right for our nation. They don't care what's right for our children.

We need to say, enough is enough. Evil Joe has to go.

Evil Joe has to go.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Take your doctrine and your crazy beliefs somewhere else. Not in America. We see what your party is doing to our children and it's horrifying. Suicide rates are sky high. Puberty blockers are being given to children and they are being lied to over and over again about how this will solve all their problems.

And they want to teach this to five-year olds?

Enough is enough.

Evil Joe has to go.

Parents don't you want to give birth to a child and know that your precious little boy or little girl is going to actually stay a boy and or stay a girl without being indoctrinated by this radical left theology that is corrupting untold numbers of children?

Look at California. California is a mess.

Lots of people are leaving California and for good reason.

Where has this ever existed in history where the government is pursuing children at such a record pace as what we're seeing for example in states like California and many other blue states?

We've never seen this before. Our children are the guinea pig for a really sick move by Evil Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats to stay in power. They only want votes. They want LGBTQ to spread across all 50 states and outnumber Conservatives.

They are selling out their own children and grandchildren. They are selling out the future of our nation.

It's evil. It's sinister.

And what about the ones that don't have children? Should gay and lesbians be allowed to vote for policies and politicians that affect children? No, they should not be allowed to vote for these policies. They don't have children.

They can't have children. Show me one gay couple that's ever given birth to their own child.

You can't. It doesn't exist.

Enough is enough. Get the radical left out of Washington and out of our public schools.

Evil Joe has to go."

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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad
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