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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

Voodoo Magic? President Biden Propped Up at the Mic, Strange Gaffes, Icky Shuffle

Voodoo Magic? President Biden Propped Up at the Mic, Strange Gaffes, Icky Shuffle
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, US News
First of all I just want to express my condolences to the family and friends of former President Joe Biden.

May he rest in peace.

I'm getting ahead of myself however, for those of you who still think he's alive and kicking.

His arms are certainly moving and he is kicking somewhat, but if I'm right, Joe Biden has left the building and his cabinet and Secret Service are in a mad scramble to keep Kamala Harris from finding out and taking over the Presidency.

It's not Alzheimer's either. Something else is going on.

Repeated Stumbles, President Loses Balance -- Dubbed "Icky Shuffle"

Former NFL running back Icky Woods of the Cincinnati Bengals had a brief touchdown celebration called the "Icky Shuffle", a short dance where he would lean side to side and bounce foot to foot before spiking the football in the end zone.

Social media was filled with speculation following yet another Biden video gone viral, calling this latest gaffe the "Icky Shuffle" and sure enough, it does resemble that.

But there's more.

New head tilt, dark sunglasses, and bob in Biden's Step

Recently you may have noticed that he's got a new head tilt, all his speeches are taking place outdoors and at a distance, he's always sporting dark sunglasses, and he has this odd continuous bob in every step.

His Secret Service detail is also quite a bit closer to him in recent days making it somewhat difficult to really get any detailed visual of the President.

They're always quick to stuff him into the Presidential limo any time reporters start getting within 20 yards. In fact no one can get close to him, not even his own family.

Everyone is kept at a distance.

Recently however President Biden attended a golf event wearing only typical golf attire, ball cap and a white windbreaker jacket. Dark sunglasses, head tilt, bob in his step. Secret Service close at hand talking into their radios.

I was able to find some footage of that day and suddenly had a serious deja vu moment --

I've seen this before.

Many of us have seen this before.

Weekend at Bernies

I realized in that moment that this was the same exact head tilt, bob and step complete with dark sunglasses that Bernie Lomax, the character from the Weekend at Bernies movies, projected to audiences -- a literal walking corpse fully dressed that looks healthy and alive, but under a Voodoo spell, comically 'puppeted' by two guys who were doing everything they could to try to make everyone think that the Bernie character really is alive.

In fact comedians and others were poking fun at President Biden back in 2020 with "Weekend at Bidens" riffs, a parody of the Weekend at Bernies movies.

Four years later this is a lot more than a parody.

I think we're witnessing the real thing.

Gaffe After Gaffe, Mic After Mic

What makes this even stranger is that anytime someone asks President Biden how he's doing, he always says the same thing recently, "I'm certainly alive. Don't worry about me." He shuffles his feet in a playful dance and then says, "The doctor says I'm vigorous."

The doctor says you're vigorous? Are they injecting you with amphetamines?

What happened to "Sleepy Joe"?

Right now we need to just play along with this charade that's been going on. Overlook the gaffes and stumbles, odd stares, and awkward embraces.

As a nation we need to set aside our differences and all agree that Vice President Harris can't know the truth about what's happening with President Biden.

Let's see it through until January, 2025 and our new Republican President coming in in an attempt to save our nation from the blunders of a Biden Presidency and it's Radical Left administration.

Under their leadership we are witnessing blue states trying to convert our children into wide-eyed rainbow flag waiving non-binaries and transvestites -- all this as there's an unstoppable growth in mental illness in children and young adults -- children are being psychologically bent over in California schools as we speak.

In fact, "Don't drop the soap" used to be a mantra for all newbies going into the U.S. prison system.

Nowadays it's a Sesame Street book in California kindergarten schools and the Radical Left wants it in every state as required reading for five year olds.

Expect more mental illness. A lot more.

Blind Leading the Blind

This Radical Left administration is as blind as rocks in the dark. How can they not see the direct correlation?

Under their leadership the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus has announced to the world and it's supporters that it is coming after our children. Search for it -- you'll find that video on YouTube. It's chilling. It's real.

It needs to be stopped.

Under their leadership the Biden Administration won't do anything to stop this massive exodus of migrants from South America and other nations that is crossing into the United States each year including from nations that are regarded as our enemies.

In an almost foreshadow of terror attacks to come, one of these migrants is reported to have said when questioned recently, "Soon you will know who I am."

Biden's Latest Gaffe

I got to give it to the Secret Service.

How they pulled this off and fooled the crowd and everyone watching on TV that day is beyond me.

I had to go back and re-watch other recent events recorded at length where Biden gave speeches and sure enough, he's been lip synching somehow. It's the same speech word for word, however the microphone is 3 times larger than normal making it hard from the camera angle to actually see him mouthing every word.

Smart. These men, women, non-binaries and transvestites at Biden's side definitely know what they're doing.

Another Biden Video Goes Viral

But it was the gangster rap that day that gave it all away. This turned into the most viral video ever, #BidenStartsRapping, even surpassing Dancing Hamsters and that dog with the big eyes that gets in trouble with his owner.

Somehow the audio equipment glitched and started skipping -- the same word repeating. One of the Secret Service guys, well he must have been a radio dj or wedding singer in a previous career, grabs Biden's hand and starts moving it, right in step, dj-style on an unseen disk player.

Kamala Harris, several yards away, leaps to her feet doing her own song and dance as you and I and the nation watch from chairs at home and in airports, in restaurants, in bars, and on smart phones.

That was the first day in a long time that most of the nation shared a good laugh. Beers were bought for one another. A lot of handshakes. No one had to say it but everyone silently agreed --

It's time for a new President.

The Far Side of the Biden Administration
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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad
Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

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