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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

The Vets Make a Stand -- This S*** Has to STOP

Armed World War II Vets Attempt A Coupt Against Radical Left Democrats
by Kent Wilson | Political Satire, US News
It happened out of nowhere. It would shock the nation and glue people to television screens and smart phones. World War II veterans with heavy weapons, some in wheelchairs, attempt a coup.

February, 2024. First it was North Idaho and other pockets of Idaho. The next day -- the entire state of Montana. Then Eastern Oregon. Then the North Eastern corner of the State of Washington and the South Eastern corner.

Then a handful of mountain towns in California stretching up and down the Sierra Nevadas at the same time as several regions of Utah. Much of rural Texas fell. Wyoming. The Dakotas. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas. Rural stretches of Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Small towns and rural areas across the United States, even all the way to Florida. No one could believe it. No one would do anything.

Firing a shot at a 101 year old World War II vet, the local police couldn't bring themselves to stop the takeover.

These centenarians showed up with heavy weapons, some of these guys it turned out had accumulated quite an arsenal and ammunition stores in recent years and suddenly it all made sense. Some were wearing military uniforms and medals they had held on to for a long, long time, a sign of battles won for our country many ages past.

It started at the Elks Lodge. The Elks Lodge. But nothing ever happens at the Elks Lodge. History is telling a different story now.

It was our veterans. Not Desert Storm. Not even Vietnam or Korea (at first). World War II vets and a number stretching into the thousands from across the United States had had enough.

A handful of former generals, many former platoon and squadron leaders, even former high ranking intelligence -- a quiet leadership communicating in small groups with no cell phones present, lots of paper and ink, even some Navajo code, photographs and descriptions, and a number who would work as recruiters -- quietly in each town and city recruiting younger veterans and other supporters to join this cause.

We are at war. It's a war for our children.

Was it the hand of God? How did all this stay quiet? Everyone in the growing inner circles agreed passionately -- this had to be kept quiet.

For now.

Some of these men even came out of nursing homes. One of these guys, 102 years of age to be exact (this same guy once had a book written about his famous escape from a Nazi concentration camp), outsmarted the security system at the nursing home designed to prevent these seniors, some on the senile side, from walking out the front door and out to freedom.

There it was, hidden in a long list of details about the home on the wall, the code to get out that door. Once again, he made an escape, and as before this escape was to help his brothers in arms in the battle they once again faced to protect the great nation that they served.

They still serve.

Many were called to action. All that could still walk and even a handful who had relatives push them in wheel chairs, they rose up for one last battle.

It was time to serve their country -- one last time, or this country, the United States of America they gave so much for and still loved so much with all their heart would be lost to the grievous sins of time. To a wave of crushing darkness.

America 2023, they all agreed, is not the America they fought for and so many of their friends and brothers and cousins and uncles lost their lives on foreign shores and in the Pacific Ocean, forever lost at sea.

America has become a dark, dark place.

So at the Elks Lodge word got around. We have to do something. The enemy is here, it is taking over our country. It is on the ground and it's in our schools, communities, and cities. No one can stop it. Transvestites are dominating women's sports. He thinks he's a lady but the record-breaking stats and trophies says otherwise. Nope, this is a man.

What was once despised and kept in small corners decades ago in places like San Francisco or hidden on the back page of classified ads is now everywhere. It's on the cover of Time Magazine. It's on our television. It's in our living rooms and rec centers. It's in our libraries and town squares. It's at the movie theater. It's in our government. It's at the White House.

The 10 Commandments are gone. And now public schools are teaching kindergartners that they can be a boy or a girl?

What's next -- a transvestite President dressed in full out drag? Minor attracted persons -- a movement to welcome pedophiles with open arms.

Gay Pride month at the White House with freak show parades of what can't even be described.

A law that bans labeling a newborn baby a boy or a girl. Instead it's a "non-gender" . Using the words boy or girl becomes a hate crime.

This shit has to stop.

They're coming after children -- our grandchildren -- our great grandchildren, our great, great grandchildren. No one is stopping them.

We fought for this country. Our brothers died for this country. We have to do something.

"Listen I was at Pearl harbor when the Japs were bombing our ships and our men were dying. We rose up and we fought back the Japs and we defeated them. Today we face a different enemy and this generation is so lost it doesn't even recognize it. Yet it is the enemy -- and this one is more dangerous than the Japs. This is our nation we have one more battle to fight men."

Live news crews showed a scene across television sets that was simply hard to believe. Old dudes, like seriously old, old dudes stood on street corners or in town halls with machine guns, many with pistols strapped to their sides, and not a shot was fired.

They didn't shoot anyone.

The cops wouldn't touch them.

State after state of National Guard was called, only to show up and side with the armed World War II vets.

Something historical was happening.

From the Situation Room in Washington D.C., Biden says, "What about all our gays? They're not going to cooperate with this." A voice answers, "They had no back-bone for this, Sir. There actually isn't that many compared to all the non-gays -- I mean straight -- men in these Guard units."

"What about those butch women?"

"When they saw these old men, when they realized they were World War II vets, a lot of these butch just went home. Apparently they couldn't bring themselves to raise a weapon on grandpa."

"What do they want?"

"You need to step down -- Or you need to change your stance, help pass new laws, declare a public emergency about the state of our children and that poor choices to side with the far left in recent years has gotten us here."

Another voice adds, "They're also saying it's going to get worse. These vets are warning us that we've lost our country and we've lost our way. They're saying it's horrifying."

There's a pause. The room is silent. Men and women look around at each other, paralyzed with realization of just how far America had fallen. For in that moment it became evident that the way these World War II vets see America today -- this would be horrifying.

A terrifying, horrifying freak show has been let loose on the country.

Captives in nursing homes across the nation are the elderly, many watching these events, some unable to speak, their hearts are being torn out by this. It is unbelievable what they are feeling and witnessing.

America 2023.

What have we done?

How could we be so numb?

Like a large frog in a warming pot of water, it doesn't know it's boiling -- a few minutes later, it's too late. That frog has been cooked.

America is boiling. The nation is being cooked.

Planet of the Apes -- that's our new future.

A land of monsters.


I'm the writer. I didn't realize that for the last five years I've been on the front lines of this, just didn't realize what I was seeing and experiencing through the story and interaction with so many people I was meeting. I owned a moving company in the northern states and we were moving a lot of people out of places like California -- a lot of former law enforcement included were coming out of Los Angeles and likely other parts of the state. The stories they and or others would tell about why they left California to seek out the less populated and more conservative states like Idaho and others, the State of California politics was a disaster and becoming worse, and so many, many conservatives and Christian people have left and gone on to places like Montana, Eastern Washington, Wyoming, even Alaska. I've met at least two detectives, both out of Washington D.C. now in a rural conservative area of the northern states.

In recent weeks I hear a story from another guy about how his neighbor has enough fire power to blow up a several square mile radius (that's probably a figure of speech -- I didn't ask for specifics). He tells me that following local politics is important -- I tell him I purposely have not been following politics in recent years, even refusing to watch the news for the last few months because of how tiresome it is. I repeatedly have shut down my wife when she tries to tell me something from the news.

He tells me about a lot of horrifying things our children are being exposed to and that's why we need to be involved with local politics. My wife and I homeschool our son -- that's one reason why I haven't been so concerned. Three weeks later, just recently (at the time of the original writing of this article last year), I went to see a movie, a true story, the Sound of Freedom and was absolutely shocked and realized that my life was about to change. I couldn't ignore the message of this movie.

I've met a lot of vets -- had a meeting once about 4 years ago with a former platoon leader, probably Desert Storm considering his age. Unrelated to this discussion, he had some business tips for me. I listened closely. I also hear we have former high ranking generals up here. I concluded several months ago that there is a sitting army in various regions of the northern states and rural places across the nation.

My story above is just fiction. But at some point, there will be a breaking point.

People will revolt. If it comes down to revolt, it will likely be about protecting our children from the incredible and pervasisve social corruption of the radical left.

A straw that breaks the camel's back.

The first gun shot of the revolutionary war, "the shot heard round the world."

The final grievous sin that brings judgment from God on tens of millions of people across the nation.

Read history books. Read the Bible.

The U.S. is dying, but it's not dead yet. It's not too late for our own government to throw the reverse switch and gun it at high speed in the opposite direction.

Biden you're how old? Come out against the radical left. Don't worry about an election -- worry about God and that you occupy the most important seat on the planet currently. Surely that's got to raise the hair on the back of your neck to think that the decisions -- or lack of decisions -- you make could make you an enemy of God.

The U.S. has taken a wrong turn and in many ways is still a very young nation. Instead of leading, it is being led -- into darkness.

At what point will America call out to God?

If our country doesn't call out to God, our country is screwed. Our children are screwed. Each day that passes, the United States looks closer and closer to having a direct collision with a day of apocalyptic judgment right out of the pages of the Bible.

The enemy is at the gates. The enemy is in our borders.

Right now large numbers of Palestinian / Hamas supporters along with Hezbollah, long entrenched in the United States, are in a sense "terror cells" growing in fervor, accumulating weapons and ammunition, waiting for Iran to say "go" and "get it done", however that is said in Persian.

If you're paying attention this reads a lot like Old Testament Bible prophecies about events long ago and similar events that take place again in the end of days. Jeremiah 51 comes to mind, especially when you pair it with Revelation 17.

I don't the timing is coincidental.

The Far Side of the Biden Administration
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Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad
Survive Any Disaster - Satire News in a World Gone Mad

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